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Advantage Choose Cheng Yang's four advantages
  • Product technical consultation

    Professional technicians provide support from technical solutions to installation and use. Help customers master the comprehensive knowledge of middleware technology, save time and cost and reduce technical risks.

  • Product instrument selectio

    According to the customer's environmental conditions, instrument specifications, requirements and quantity, the overall selection is recommended. This has more advantages in equipment interconnection, protocol interoperability, technical support and price.

  • In sales training guidance

    We provide comprehensive training courses and installation instructions for installation, commissioning and use methods. Regular return visit, filing, use problems and repair notification, timely response, record and archive.

  • After sales maintenance

    After the acceptance of instruments and equipment, ensure the after-sales service, provide exclusive instrument maintenance plan, and prolong the service life of the equipment. Spare parts shall be replaced free of charge during the warranty period, and only the cost of spare parts shall be charged in the later period of warranty.

  • Stable product quality

  • Green environmental protection

  • Fast transportation

  • Technical guidance

A high-tech enterprise focusing on R & D and manufacturing of high-end machine tools and equipment
Dongguan Chengyang Machinery Co., Ltd

Provide customers with solutions for EDM manufacturing business

Dongguan Chengyang Machinery and Equipment Co., Ltd. established the ‘Chengyang’ brand CNC Sinker EDM. Located in Chang'an Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province——the important town of mold machinery, the ‘Chengyang’ brand machine has been in the CNC-EDM industry for more than ten years. After our company's research and development of precision CNC electric machining machine tools and precision motion control technology and experience, relying on strong scientific research and talent advantages, we continue to bring in and absorb advanced technologies from Taiwan and Japan...

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  • 2,005year

    Establishment time

  • 130term

    Approved patents

  • 100+

    Production and R & D team

  • 50+

    Production equipment